Marcelo vs. Kron, ADCC 2011

In jiu-jitsu, some people don't need last names. If I say "Marcelo", you know I mean Marcelo Garcia. If I say "Kron", you know I mean Kron Gracie. Marcelo is the best grappler of his generation. Kron is the son of the best jiu-jitsu practitioner ever, Rickson Gracie, and at the time was just moving himself up the ranks as a competent, well-rounded grappler. 

In 2011, Marcelo and Kron met up at the ADCC tournament -- the most prestigious event in all of grappling.

While I watched this match, I found myself studying Kron's closed guard and the different ways he used it to keep Marcelo's posture broken. Marcelo wants to stand to initiate his passing sequence and strategies. Kron made it hard for Marcelo to stand. Each time Marcelo came to his feet, Marcelo would walk his guard up and play high guard.

Early in Part 2 (below), Kron is playing closed guard again and catches Marcelo in a nasty guillotine. In a recent interview, Rickson (again, no last name needed) said that Marcelo admits to going out for a moment while in the guillotine.

Rickson also stated in that interview that when Kron gets you in a guillotine "the regular escape doesn't work anymore." If you notice, Marcelo goes for the "regular escape" but Kron maintained pressure and, if you believe Rickson, went out.

Spoiler Alert: Marcelo wins on points.

If you're interested in the Rickson interview that I mentioned, check out Joe Rogan's podcast: Joe Rogan Experience #524.