Omoplata Finishing Details - Professor Madama demonstrates how to efficiently finish an omoplata shoulder lock.

Duck Under - Julian Meaney, Madama teammate and All-American Wrestler, teaches a duck under takedown.

Shallow Achilles Lock - Professor Josh Madama demonstrates a unique variation of the Achilles lock.

Wedging - Professor Madama discusses the concept of using wedges to hold positions and how to use wedges to set up attacks, in this case, a very tight lapel choke.

Standing From Under Closed Guard - Most people have no idea how to get back up to their feet safely when being held down in closed guard. In this video, Professor Madama teaches this important yet vastly underdeveloped guard skill.

Hip Heist to High Elbow Guillotine - In the previous video Professor Madama demonstrated how to efficiently and safely get up to your feet from closed guard bottom position. In this video he follows up with a high elbow guillotine when your opponent controls your hip.