Promotions at the Serra Seminar

Last Saturday, Professor Matt Serra treated the Madama Team with a seminar that was highlighted by some of his world class guard passing. With over 80 team members in attendance, Professor Serra explained everything from a simple guard opening to the nuances that make his pressure passing game among the best in jiu-jitsu history.


He finished the seminar with some tricky cross-side submissions, and then the fun began.

Professor Madama addressed the class, thanked Matt for the wonderful seminar, and then produced several bags filled with belts of colors ranging blue to brown. And the promotions began. There were too many to mention here but it culminated with the addition of several new brown belts including Luke Edward, Mike Brotherston, Phil Romano, Matt Davis, and Joe Puglisi.

But there was one promotion that Professor Madama didn't know about. After all the belt promotions, Professor Serra addressed the class and then turned to an embarrassed Josh Madama and place a stripe of white tape over the red flag of his black belt. Professor Madama was promoted to first degree black belt.


Congratulations to everyone who was promoted!