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Mike Elshamy - Ring of Combat

Mike Elshamy - Ring of Combat

Mike Elshamy is preparing for his fourth professional MMA fight. He will be fighting Karl Robertson on September 25th at Ring of Combat 52 in Atlantic City, NJ. If you don't already have them, tickets for this fight are available at the front desk.

Shane Leather will be fighting for the first time in over year at Dead Serious on October 10th. At the same event Drew LeCompte will make his MMA debut. Tickets aren't available yet, but we'll be sure to tell you as soon as they are!

Joe-John Kutcha is preparing to fight for the world's premiere grappling tournament, Metamoris. Joe-John will be competing at the Metamoris qualifier in Pittsburgh at the beginning of October. While you can't come watch Joe-John fight in Pittsburgh, the Metamoris website says that all of the matches will be streamed -- you may have to subscribe to Metamoris All-Access first.

And Julian Meany, "Big Steve" Thomas, and Guy will be grappling at the World Championship Grappling event on September 26th in Pennsauken, NJ.

Good luck, gentleman!

Any teammates who are able to help these gentleman train are invited to speak with Professor Madama. None of these men can prepare to fight on their own. Even though every man enters the ring or steps on the mat alone, there is a team fighters helping to get him there. You are part of that team. Be part of that team.