Professor Josh Madama

Professor Josh Madama

Professor Josh Madama

Professor Josh Madama is a life-long resident of Toms River, NJ. As a professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, he has spent over 20 years refining his craft. He is the sole owner of Madama Jiu-Jitsu Academy, which he opened in 2005.

  • A full-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor,
  • Owner & Head Instructor of Madama Jiu-Jitsu Academy,
  • Assistant Instructor at Renzo Gracie Holmdel,
  • Assistant Instructor at Serra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,
  • A two-time North American Grapplers Association Champion,
  • A second degree black belt under Matt Serra.

Professor Madama isn't just a teacher, he confesses to still being a student. He continues to improve his jiu-jitsu by taking regular (sometimes twice weekly) private classes from John Danaher, head instructor at Renzo Gracie's flagship school in New York City and still travels to Long Island to train under and learn from his friend and master, Matt Serra.

Professor Madama's Influences Include:

  • Matt Serra — Renzo Gracie’s first American black belt & former UFC champion,
  • Renzo Gracie — the legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner & grandson of the founder, Carlos Gracie,
  • Rodgrigo Gracie — Renzo’s cousin & also grandson of Carlos, co-author of 3 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu books,
  • John Danaher — another Renzo Gracie black belt & Head Instructor at his New York City school. Co-author of several books, he is considered one of the art’s pre-eminent teachers,
  • Ricardo Almeida — Renzo Gracie’s first black belt and a standout mixed martial arts veteran.

Professor Madama's Promotion Record:

  • Blue Belt by Rodrigo Gracie,
  • Purple Belt by Ricardo Almeida,
  • Brown Belt by Matt Serra,
  • Black Belt by Matt Serra (in attendance for the ceremony included Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, and John Danaher — among others).

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